Believe it or not, you don’t need to be Kylie Jenner to work with amazing brands and organizations as an influencer. You just need a real following that cares about what you have to say!

At Main Street One, we help we help creators become ambassadors for the causes they care about.

For this campaign, we’re looking for creators who can share why you believe being a part of a union has made a difference in how you have been able to demand fair treatment in your role.

For many Black American workers, this connection has historically been forged through strong unions. 

Unions have ensured that Black public service workers could earn fair wages and dignity on the job and opened up pathways for economic advancement. 

In 1968, Dr. King spent his last days marching with Black public service workers in Memphis. Today, the march for justice and equality continues, and our unions are still in the fight and on the front lines. 

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