Be rewarded for your voice

Main Street One helps creators from every background become ambassadors for the causes they care about.


Main Street One works with causes, campaigns, and companies to share important messages and information through local micro-influencers. We connect real people with real stories to organizations looking to amplify those impactful narratives through social media.

If we have contacted you through email or Instagram you can email us your content (image and caption draft). If we have contacted you through Aspire you can submit your content through that platform.

No. Once you submit your content we will send it to the client for creative and legal review. Once the client gets back to us with feedback on your post and approval we will let you know that you are good to go live with the post. Content cannot be posted until the client has given this approval. If the content is posted prior to this we will have to ask you to take it down until the content has been approved by the client.

If you need an extension on the deadline please let us know! We will try our hardest to accommodate and be flexible with this deadline if necessary.

Generally, the approval process takes about 1-2 weeks. 

MS1 pays a flat rate for social media feed posts. Below is a general pricing tier for a single post based on follower count. We will also consider a creator’s engagement rate when determining a rate. Please note that final prices are decided on an individual basis, and we can be flexible.

FollowersTypical Payment

If we have contacted you through email or Instagram you will be paid through Stripe. If we have contacted you through Aspire you will be paid through that platform.

Payment is submitted within 3-7 business days after your post has gone live. After your post has gone live you will complete a form to let us know that you have completed the deliverable. This form will also prompt you for your Stripe confirmation so we can initiate your payment.

If there is an issue with your payment please contact the DRO you have been working with. We will work hard to pay you quickly and efficiently.

Absolutely! If you are interested in working with us further make sure to let us know your interests and what you are comfortable covering/promoting on your social media accounts cover. To receive notifications of campaigns on a rolling basis, check out our Facebook group where we post opportunities weekly here.