Main Street One is looking for micro-influencers who have already or are currently enacting small, attainable lifestyle changes in the areas of Energy, Transportation, Food or Nature. Do any of these actions apply to you?

–Powering your home or apartment with renewable energy (via rooftop solar, community solar or green energy through your energy provider or a REC program) 

–Driving an electric vehicle (or heading in that direction with a test drive) 

–Adjusting work norms to reduce air travel (or buying flight offsets when you do travel) 

–Cutting back on meat consumption (especially red meat) 

–Donating to projects that protect the natural ecosystems that soak up carbon (like forests, oceans, mangroves, etc.)

If so, we want to hear about what you’re doing, and why you’ve chosen to make these changes (along with all the lessons and tips you may have picked up along the way)! Please reply to the email you received and tell us which action you’re taking, and fill out this form to sign up for the campaign.

This is a paid social media opportunity. An organizer will follow up on the next steps for getting started and getting paid to speak about what you are doing to contribute to the climate conversation.

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