Keeping Keto

For this campaign, we are looking for creators actively keeping a keto diet. These creators will present themselves as a trusted keto advisor by discussing why being in ketosis is meaningful for them and the challenges of staying true to their journey.

The campaign will invite creators to introduce their keto journey and share the snacks and hacks that help them and might help their fellow keto kin stay on track. As we all know that people practice keto for a wide variety of reasons – from healthier physical living to a desire for mental acuity, but one thing they all have in common is a realistic understanding of and a desire to meet head on the associated lifestyle challenges – and to succeed.

Main Street One would love to hear your story about your challenges and experiences with keto, so once we hear from you, we’ll follow up with more details on how you can participate and get rewarded for using your voice! If you are interested, please fill out this creator info form as quickly as possible. If your profile meets the campaign requirements, one of our organizers will reach out with more info!

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