Be rewarded for your voice

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be Kylie Jenner to work with amazing brands and organizations as an influencer. You just need a real following that cares about what you have to say!

At Main Street One, we help we help creators become ambassadors for the causes they care about.

Everyone has their own reasons for voting, but no matter what your personal story is, all that matters is you are ready come election day.

Ready to make a difference, to choose candidates that represent the issues you care about, and to make sure that your voice and the voice of your community is heard locally and nationally. 

You’re registered and ready to take action for any election. 

Here’s the thing: for every person you know who is registered to vote, there are so many people who aren’t. In fact, so many of your peers can benefit from hearing your story of “why you stay ready” to vote and “who you stay ready for.”

SHARE YOUR STORY: We’re looking for creators who tell us not just Why they vote, but Who they vote for. (Disclaimer: we would like creators to talk about the people in their life who inspire them to vote. We cannot accept submissions that feature endorsements of specific political parties or candidates.)

Using a personal story, tell us why voting is important to you.

Who do you vote for? Your grandma? Your mother? Your siblings? 

-Do you vote for those in your community who cannot? Do you vote for the future of the next generation?

-Why should your followers check their registration status and get ready for election day?





Issues You Care Most About