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Believe it or not, you don’t need to be Kylie Jenner to work with amazing brands and organizations as an influencer. You just need a real following that cares about what you have to say!

At Main Street One, we help we help creators become ambassadors for the causes they care about.

Whether you’re a union member yourself, close to someone who is, or simply supportive of their mission, you value the important role that unions play in having their members’ voices heard and their futures secured.

For decades, unions have been the catalysts that help millions of Americans secure better pay, health care, a secure retirement and fair treatment on the job. Belonging to a broader group has enabled workers to fight for countless protections through collective bargaining — and win again and again.

Share Your Story: We’re looking for creators who are in a union, close to a union member, or simply appreciative of the progress that unions have achieved over the years, to share their support for the difference that unions make.

-If you’re a union member: How has being a part of a union made a difference in your workplace? What would you like others to know or understand who are not familiar with unions?

-If you’re close to or related to a union member: Why does it matter that someone is fighting for fairer treatment and protections for someone that you love? If you have a union member in your family, how have you personally felt the union difference in a positive way?-If you’re simply supportive of unions and the work they do: Why is the presence of unions so important for our country? How do you benefit today from union victories of the past?

(examples include: the minimum wage, employee healthcare, sick days, overtime pay — all of these are union-won victories!)

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