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2020 has seen Donald Trump kick disinfo into overdrive. Before we can fully dissect one of his misleading narratives, he’s already peddling another.

The deceit has ranged from false claims around voter fraud, to ingesting bleach, to wearing masks, and well, well, well… beyond.

Yet as disjointed as his remarks seem, there is a common thread among them: disregard for American lives. Whether by pulling testing, deliberately endangering Americans at the polls, or taking away healthcare in the middle of a pandemic, Trump has time and again placed reelection ahead of American lives.

It’s time we introduce Trump to the country that he took an oath to protect; to the Americans, and their stories, that portray the suffering caused by his negligence in office.

Share Your Story: We’re looking for content creators to send us a 1-2 minute video, speaking directly to the camera, expressing what Trump’s biggest lies mean to them personally. In particular: 

  1. When Trump lied about the number of COVID deaths
  2. When Trump lied about voter fraud
  3. When Trump lied about the protests
  4. When Trump lied about COVID tests
  5. When Trump lied about healthcare

We are looking for personal stories: How you or someone very close to you has been impacted by Trump’s lies around the COVID death toll, vote-by-mail and voter fraud, the George Floyd protests, Obamacare or COVID test numbers and the implications of their results.





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