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Have you ever had to pay $5, $6, or more just for a bottle of water at a sporting event? What about $20 for a bottle of water during a hurricane? Or $70 for hand sanitizer when a pandemic reaches your town?

Monopoly control over goods leads to price gouging, and we’ve all felt it in some form or another. You need something, someone else has it, and you pay an absurd price because you can’t get it anywhere else.

It happens everywhere — and it’s exactly why prescription drug prices are so high in America.

COVID-19 has put the spotlight on Big Pharma as Americans look for answers and a vaccine. But Big Pharma has been using their monopoly control to set drug prices sky high for decades — even on drugs developed with our taxpayer dollars.

Everyone knows a drug can’t work if you can’t afford it.

Congress must take immediate action to stop pandemic profiteering and to ensure affordable and widespread access to COVID medicines as soon as they are available.

Share Your Story: We’re looking for creators to sign the petition to end Big Pharma’s pandemic price gouging and encourage their followers to do the same.

Using a personal story, tell us why you are passionate that Congress needs to take action now to lower drug prices for all Americans.

-Why are you taking a stand against profiteering, specifically during the pandemic?

-Why do you think big drug corporations should not get monopoly control to set drug prices as high as they want? 

-How are you and those you love impacted by  Big Pharma’s monopoly power to charge skyrocketing drug prices?

-Why should your followers join in and sign the petition to end Big Pharma’s pandemic price gouging?

Use the hashtags:  #PharmaPriceGouging #BigPharma





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